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3 Benefits of Using an Energy Efficient Pool Pump

3 Benefits of Using an Energy Efficient Pool Pump

Are you ready to replace your old pool pump?

If so, choose an energy efficient model. By reducing your pool’s energy and water use, you’ll save money and protect the environment. Energy efficient pool pumps last longer, require less energy, and run quieter. Their speed may vary based on the pool’s operation.

Here are three benefits of using an energy efficient pool pump:

Save Money

Energy efficient pool pumps are slightly more expensive than regular brands, but they pay for themselves in less than two years. Statistics that using an ENERGY STAR certified pool pump can save you over $1,000 over its lifestyle. Most pool owners are not aware of how much energy the pump is wasting. By switching to an energy efficient brand, you can save up to 80 percent on your utility bills.

Protect Your Pool’s Filtering System

A high quality pool pump can prolong the life of your pool’s filtering system. This unit can be programmed to match the duty and the layout of your pool, run at pre-selected speeds, and meet your financial and environmental requirements. It also enables the power, speed, and energy usage to be set to the pool’s individual conditions.

Go Green

These types of pumps have variable speeds, so they require less energy to operate. By choosing an energy efficient pump, you’ll cut costs, save on your water usage and electricity, and protect the planet. In many states, pool owners are being paid for using this device. That’s right: you can get rebates of up to $300 for making the switch. Not only you’ll save thousands of dollars in the long run, but also earn money upfront. By going green, you can keep your pool clean and functioning at its peak for less.

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